Why BROAD Rock Wool?

We makes and supplies a full range of smart and sustainable rock wool insulation products for construction use. You can find products for attic insulation, flat roof insulation, exterior and interior wall insulation, floor insulation, and ceiling insulation, as well as a full range of commercial and OEM insulation applications.
BROAD Rockwool insulation has a number of distinct advantages that make it the go-to choice for many professionals.

1.Thermal Comfort / Efficiency: Rockwool effectively reduces airflow and essentially, sound transmissions. Its higher air flow resistivity means better sound attenuation for a quieter environment. Efficiently designed Insulation system to the building can help reduce unwanted heat gain and loss and reduces the energy demand of the heating and cooling system.



2.Acoustic Comfort: An insulation which is capable of absorbing the airborne sound and an impact sound helps reducing the sound entering the building and enhancing the acoustic comfort for building occupants.

3.Fire Safety: With the increase in height of the building the risk of fire elevates drastically to the occupants of the building. Non-combustible Rockwool Insulation is used as Passive fire protection insulation in various applications like Perimeter fire Barrier, fire joints, wall penetrations, cavity barrier etc. Rockwool being non-combustible and fire resilient insulation is ideal choice for use in building facades.



4.Sustainability and Durability: Rockwool actually repels water and the steel content keeps rodents out of your insulated space. This keeps your insulation spaces dryer, and prevents degradation of the adjoining construction material. Completely resistant to rot, mildew, mold, and bacterial growth.
• Substantially reduces the cost of cooling or heating by more than 40%
• Has a proven contribution to Green Building Requirements
• Saves non-renewable resources
• Reduces greenhouse gas(C02) emissions
• Promotes indoor comfort & improved quality of life
• Eliminates condensation on walls and ceilings
• Enhanced soundproofing & better acoustic performance
• Has excellent impact resistance
• Allows for cost-effective external wall architectural detailing
• Does not require the occupants to vacate during installation
• Does not waste internal living space
• Reduction of maintenance cost