About Product Series:
1.Un-faced or with wired blankets
For thermal and acoustic insulation of applications, such as ducts or any other equipment used in heating, there is no better solution than rock wool blanket. It is also perfect for ventilating and air conditioning applications as well. rock wool blankets cater well to companies looking for thermal insulation for large vessels, valves, flange, small machinery, boilers and similar plants operating at high temperatures. It is commonly used to wrap high-curved surfaces and can even be cut to fit irregular shapes.
Thickness: 20mm-150mm
Density: 50-120kg/m3
Width: 600mm

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Rock wool board
Rock Wool board are designed for the thermal and acoustic insulation of flat or slightly curved surfaces operating at both high and low temperatures. These board are produced from long, non-combustible resin-bonded fibers. They are easy to cut, fit, and handle. They are ideally suited to insulate all parts of existing and new buildings including offices, homes, retail, healthcare, educational and commercial premises.
Thickness: 25mm-100mm
Density: 40-120kg/m3
Width: 600-630mm
Length: 1000-1200mm

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Rock wool pipes
Designed for tough thermal and acoustic insulation pipe works, its combination of density, strength and excellent thermal conductivity at high operating temperatures offer efficient insulation. It is highly applicable for industrial steam and process pipelines in oil refineries, chemical plants and power stations. It also has the versatility to be used in heating and ventilating or other non- industrial applications.
Thickness: 25mm-200mm
Density: 120kg/m3
Inner Dia: 22-820mm
Length: 1000mm

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