• Global Construction Sector Commits to Green Building

    The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference of Parties or ‘COP 21’, as it is more commonly known, is a global event aimed at combatting the harmful effects of global warming. This year’s conference took place in Paris with many industries and world leaders coming together to discuss how the...
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  • Application Scope of Insulation and Golden Rule

    Where to Insulate To obtain a thermally homogenous home and reduce heat losses properly, provide comfort in winter and summer, all surfaces in contact with the outside (roof, wall, loft) must be insulated. The thermal performance of insulation must be very high in the roof. In winter and summer, ...
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  • How to Choose Insulating Material

    Why insulate Insulation is necessary to reduce energy consumption, sound pollution and improve the comfort and quality of life in new or existing buildings regardless of the construction system. Environmental quality Insulation fights global warming as it reduces greenhouse gases. Insulating your...
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