glass wool1

Product Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Thickness(mm)
Blanket >6000 400-1200 20-150 10-48
Boards 1200-2400 600-1200 20-100 24-96
Pipe 1000 48-80

We have our own sub-factory to produce aluminum foil, all the facing used as facing of glass wool are in good quality.
Some popular facing for glass wool: Aluminum foil, PVC, Kraft etc

Glass wool with Kraft

Glass wool with Aluminum Foil

Glass wool with PVC

About packages:
Using our package, Neutral packaging or with your logo (OEM) printed

glss (1)

glss (2)

About packages:
Note: standard package material is Woven bag, Heat shrinkage PE is supported.

Using our Glass wool:
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